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We look forward to gathering every Lord's Day around the preaching of the Word and in respondent singing.  We try to maintain a warm, welcoming, casual environment.  Feel free to come as you are as far as dress is concerned.  Our primary mode of preaching is exposition through books of the Bible.  We occasionally do topical sermons, but we know that preaching expositionally keeps the breadth and depth of the whole scope of God's revelation before us and does not mean that topics aren't touched on, "felt needs" aren't taken into account or addressed, nor is application not made for everyone.  We believe expositional preaching does far more for both the meaning of the text and its application than if a steady diet of topical sermons were the norm.  Hope you'll join us!

The local church is not to base her mission on a subjective sense of what she should be. While there is freedom to word the church’s purpose differently from one church to another, God has revealed who and what we are to be in His Word. At Forrester Community, we strive to accurately preach, teach, and model this week in and week out as we we walk through biblical texts. As a summary, we believe that we are to…

  • Biblically faithful preaching-
    • Expositional preaching, where the point of the text is the point of the sermon, is how we preach. It is our goal to faithfully communicate what was originally meant by the passage, highlight it’s gospel elements, and appropriately apply it for our church today. This typically occurs as we walk through books of the bible, verse by verse, but we will also occasionally address a felt need over a series or stand alone message. 
  • Theologically informed worship-
    • We believe that when the congregational singing lacks sound theology or is not firmly centered on truths found in God's Word, the result can be and is often that God is being robbed of glory, and the people are being robbed of the privilege of knowing and glorifying God. The church's singing is going to shape people, and false worship is going to shape people in false directions. Fundamental to worship is recognizing the God we worship, so we strive to lead our people in songs that do just that, while also taking other lesser important things into account.
  • Embracing community of believers-
    • FCC is a welcoming community who loves to know the people who walk through our doors. 
    • Hang around after the service to chat with us. 
  • Relaxed environment-
    • We believe the power to save and change us on Sunday mornings is the Spirit of God using the Word. There is no flawless production with mood lighting, subtle transitions, and creative bumper videos (the aim and intent of those things can potentially mislead anyway). It’s not that you can’t do those, but for us, we are a body of believers who strive for humility, wearing everyday attire, in a laid back atmosphere, eagerly wanting to know God and make Him known!

Sunday Service

Every Sunday
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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605 Forrester Parkway
Leesburg, GA 31763

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Sunday Services:
10:30 am - Worship Service

What To Expect:
A casual, welcoming environment, expositional preaching, and Gospel-saturated singing. Click "About Us" below to learn more!