Exalt Youth Ministry

At Forrester Community Church, we see that youth ministry, when it is following after the structure of the family displayed in scripture, is a family-oriented ministry. That means that a youth ministry is never meant to just be a ministry to youth, but a ministry to the whole family to see Jesus preciously and to show Him globally. We believe strongly that the Word of God is powerful and knowable. We believe that Jesus really is precious and will attract people as we see Him clearly. We believe that youth are not just the church of the next generation…they are the church. Because of these truths and others like them, we seek to structure our Xalt youth ministry around them.

What do you teach?

At Forrester Community, we realize that there are many different tactics out there in the preaching world. It is our desire to be a gospel-centered ministry that we pray God uses to change lives. Man's greatest need is the most important question anyone could ever ask. Man was created with a desire to enjoy God. Unfortunately, man was separated from God because of their sin. The gospel tells us that, in Christ, all that was broken and messed up, including our relationship with God, can be restored. 

What is the ministry like?

As students come to FCC they will walk into more than just a designated time of preaching. They will have an opportunity to respond in small groups and through singing with music. They will walk into an atmosphere to grow in a relationship with the Lord and with others through games, conversations and events that will hopefully branch out from more than just Wednesday night. If you would like to stay connected with what is going on please click here

What is the ministry about?

This ministry absolutely is to pour into and equip youth for the work of ministry. It is our desire to disciple them. This ministry goes beyond Wednesday night. We want to disciple them through Wednesday night, Sunday morning Impact and Community Groups (discipleship) throughout the week! Youth ministry isn't just a ministry to the youth of our community. We want to minister to the parents of these youth as well. Raising youth who will delight in God and are missionaries in their schools, circle of friends and more is challenging. That is why we want to invest in the parents as well. Parents are the primary disciplers of their youth, but they aren't called to do it alone. If you are a parent and would like to know how Forrester can partner with you then please let us know how we can pray for you or give you resources by clicking here.